Who Is Our New Pope?

Who Is Our New Pope?

   Jeorge Mario Bergoglio was born on December 17, 1936 In Buenos Aires, Argentina, one of five children of an Italian immigrant.  A scholarly man, Bergoglio first earned a degree as a chemical technician before he felt that he was called to the priesthood.  In 1958 he joined the Society of Jesus and continued his education, earning a degree in philosophy, which he taught for the next three years.  After studying theology, he was ordained as a priest on Dec. 13, 1969.  He then migrated to Germany where he finished his doctoral thesis and continued to teach and serve as a spiritual director.  In 1997 he became the coadjutor bishop of Buenos Aires, and was elevated to the position of cardinal in 2001.  Borgoglio is noted for being a humble Jesuit.  As an archbishop, he lived in an apartment, cooked his own meals, and carried himself with modest mannerisms.  He is known for being liberal…well as liberal as Catholics can be.  He preached that illegitimate children should be baptized, regardless of their parent’s faith-journeys so that they may be allowed to experience the faith.  Pope Francis is the first pope in centuries from South America, and many Catholics are certain that he will help the Church to flourish.


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